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Metabolic Balance – Explained In 3 Mins


Metabolic Balance, developed by Dr. Wolf Funfack (Metabolic Balance Germany), is a program to boost your health and wellbeing, increase your energy, restore your metabolism that enables you to efficiently and permanently lose weight.

The key is an individual Metabolic Balance nutrition plan. This is based on your own blood levels and further personal details and is therefore optimally tailored to your body.

The central idea is to provide the body with (missing) nutrients so that the metabolism (mainly the production of energy from food) can work perfectly again. This is the key to efficiently losing weight but also effectively combating tiredness or lack of energy.

By following the programme, your metabolism is put optimally back on track and by transitioning to a healthy and balanced diet, a sustainable weight reduction is achieved.

Metabolic Balance Nutrition Plan

Your personal Metabolic Balance nutrition plan consists essentially of these elements:

Meal Plan
There are 3 meal suggestions for each meal time (breakfast, lunch and dinner). The suggestions can be freely combined (providing certain rules are adhered to). The suggestions will then be “filled’’ with foods from the personalized food list.

Nutrition Plan
Meal plan (example)

Personal Food List
Your personal food list contains the foods which are best suited for getting your metabolism working perfectly again. Furthermore, all possible health problems and your food preferences (e.g. no fish, pork, vegetarian, etc.) are taken into account.

Food List
Personal food list (example): Extract

The 4 Phases

The program is divided into 4 phases:

Duration 2 days
Goal To prepare the body for its nutritional adjustment. Detox.
Duration Not less than 14 days
Goal Weight loss. Regulation of me­tabolism. Learning new habits.
Duration Dependent on situation
Goal Guidelines are slowly relaxed in a controlled manner. Stabilisation of metabolism. Avoidance of yo-yo effect. Target weight reached.
Duration Indef
Goal Coping in everyday life. Permanently maintaining the target weight or achieved level of well-being. All foods are permitted again. It is more a question of the amount or how often you eat certain things. You should now know what is good for you and what is not.

The 8 Rules

8 Rules
8 Rules

During the program, you should abide by 8 rules, specifically designed to optimise fatburning (regulation of insulin levels).

  1. Eat exactly three meals a day.
  2. Between meals you should leave a break of at least five hours.
  3. Each meal should not last longer then one hour.
  4. You should have finished your last meal before 09:00 p.m.
  5. Always begin each meal with one or two bites of protein to have a long-lasting effect on your insulin levels.
  6. Eat only one type of protein per meal. For each of your three meals choose a protein from a different protein group so that you are eating three different protein groups every day.
  7. Drink the amount of water calculated for you (in general: a minimum of 35 ml of water per kilogram of body weight).
  8. There is an old English proverb which says: “An apple a day keeps the doctor away.” In addition to being both cholesterol- and uric acid lowering, no other fruit displays the same amounts of vitamins and minerals as the apple.

A detailed description of the 8 Rules (German) and their function can be found in our blog (German).

How Effective Is It?

Metabolic Balance compared to other diets

A published study, in the "Journal of Nutrition and Metabolism" showed that Metabolic Balance:

  • reduced weight very efficiently and with long lasting effect (i.e. without a yo-yo effect). A weight loss programme is generally deemed successful in the long term if, after 1 year, a weight reduction of at least 5% of the person’s original weight can be observed.
  • This was the case with 62.5% of Metabolic Balance participants and 31.1% even lost more than 10% of their starting weight. Other diets, some very well known, have comparable success rates of between 15-30%.
  • significantly improved blood values e.g. blood lipids (cholesterol, triglycerides, etc.), sugar (glucose), liver enzymes and others
  • lead to a clearly improved quality of life

What Am I Still Allowed To Eat?

Food Pyramid: A glass of wine or beer is occasionally allowed!

Your new “personal" diet is completely balanced and contains lots of protein (poultry, meat, fish, pulses, etc.), lots of vegetables and fruit, a smaller amount but the right sort of carbohydrates (e.g. ryebread).

Aversions to certain foods (e.g. no fish) are of course taken into consideration. It is also not a problem to follow the programme as a vegetarian who eats dairy products and/or eggs - we simply create your nutritional plan accordingly. (The programme is not suitable for vegans.)

Having achieved your target weight, foods, which were "forbidden" during the programme are slowly reintroduced. Why should you have to permanently go without a piece of chocolate? After all, this can also effect quality of life. It is more a question of amounts and how often you eat certain foods which may cause you to gain weight.

The aim of this nutritional program is to prepare you for exactly this moment. You should learn to realise when it is enough for your body. Certain rules and strategies, that you will become familiar with in this programme, will continue to be instrumental in helping you maintain your weight for the long-term.

Does Metabolic Balance Also Tell Me What Isn't Good For Me?

Metabolic Balance is formulated positively and tells you which foods, at the moment, are the most beneficial to make your metabolism run optimally again.

It is not a food intolerance or allergy test so intolerances or what you may even be allergic to, will not be investigated. For this there are highly specific tests, which we also offer. These are independent from Metabolic Balance.

How Does It Improve My Health?

The programme does not just bring your weight into balance but your whole body. By permanently transitioning to a healthy and balanced diet and exercising sufficiently, you prevent known lifestyle diseases. The diet is exactly matched to your body and your particular needs. It promotes your performance and concentration levels, promotes better sleep and, last but not least, strengthens your mind: you feed yourself happy and healthy so to speak.

Frequently, after a period of time, our clients are able to reduce or completely stop taking medication (e.g. cholesterol lowering drugs).

You do not necessarily need to want to lose weight. People who suffer from chronic tiredness or lack of energy can also benefit greatly from this programme.

Metabolic Balance provides since a short time also nutrition plans that have been developed specifically for people affected by Post or Long Covid, more about this in our blog post (German): Post Covid Therapie mit bedarfsgerechter Ernährung?

Metabolic Balance – Made Easy

To make it as easy as possible for you and in order to best support you in the Metabolic Balance programme, we have put together corresponding support packages. We offer two different types of support.

On-site support

Online support

  • All support communication takes place "online“ i.e. via email/telephone
  • No on-site appointments
  • Ideal if you have little time for appointments

Regardless of the type of support you prefer, your individual nutritional plan and the system behind it are always "Metabolic Balance".

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Extensive experience

We have already successfully helped more than 6000 people realise their weight loss goals with Metabolic Balance. Our professionals know what it takes to achieve your goal hitch-free within a reasonable timeframe.

We are not just "purely“ nutritionists. On request we can also support you further with the knowledge and expertise from our naturopathy practice.



MB Germany has awarded us a "verified provider“ accreditation with a seal of competence.
Only very few providers possess this additional qualification. Ask around.

Our professionals have a wealth of in-depth knowledge to support you in "more complicated“ situations or to explain background principles in detail.


Approved by Health Insurers

Our nutritionists are recognised by most health insurers - a pre-requisite for them meeting the costs.

More information on the subject of financial coverage by health insurance.

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Up to 20% on our packages.

(extended until 15.12.22)

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5 Simple Steps To Your Desired Weight

  1. REGISTRATION: Please register here. The registration contains questions about personal details, your health and your food preferences.
  2. BLOOD ANALYSIS: Arrange for your Metabolic Balance blood analysis at a medical laboratory.
  3. SUPPORT: We create your personal nutritional plan and accompany and motivate you on your way to your desired weight.
  4. IMPLEMENTATION: You eat a healthy and balanced diet in accordance with your individual nutritional plan. The plan enables the pounds to melt away faster than you expect and without leaving you hungry. At the same time, your wellbeing also improves on a daily basis.
  5. GOAL: You achieve your desired weight and feel more comfortable in your own skin. While you fully enjoy your new life feeling, you will have learnt how you can keep to a well-balanced diet in future to avoid any yo-yo effect.

Is It Right For Me?

It is suitable for anyone who wants to lose weight in a healthy way. The programme is particularly advisable for anyone who already suffers from the consequences of malnutrition such as diabetes II, rheumatism, high blood pressure, metabolic disorders or chronic migraine.

It can however be recommended to anyone, who irrespective of their age, strives for vitality, physical and mental efficiency and a life in balance.

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