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* the prices (CHF per person) include the preparation of the nutrition plan, all consultations, documentation, information, excluding laboratory costs


Which package is the right one for me?

Principally, you need to decide if you would prefer to receive support on-site or online.

Some people prefer meeting face to face (on-site), others prefer not to be bound to fixed appointments (online).

Which type of support you choose is down to personal taste. Both work equally well and are based on the same nutrition plan and concept that is to say Metabolic Balance.

Each on-site package (Basic / Standard / Premium) contains an optimal number of sessions for the desired weight loss, which we have determined based on our many years of experience.

Regardless of which package you choose, we are always there to answer any questions or discuss any problems that may arise.

Appointments On-Site at one of our locations No appointments. Regular exchange via e-mail, telephone (on request)
System / Nutrition Plan 100% Metabolic Balance 100% Metabolic Balance
Questions / Problems Contact possible at any time via e-mail / telephone Contact possible at any time via e-mail / telephone
Blood Analysis Required. At a lab or by your GP, if they agree Required. At a lab or by your GP, if they agree

Group discount!

Group of 2 Group of 3
metabolic balance 2-er Gruppe 1metabolic balance 2-er Gruppe 2 - 10 %    metabolic balance 3-er Gruppe 1metabolic balance 3-er Gruppe 2metabolic balance 3-er Gruppe 3 - 15 % 
Group discount is only available for packages on site, not for the online package.

Participants are required to form their own groups (partner, colleague? etc.). In this case all consultations are group consultations and all participants have to chose the same package (e.g. Standard).

What we provide

  • Creation of your individual Metabolic Balance nutrition plan on the basis of your blood values
  • All consultations on-site (in our practice) or corresponding online coaching (online package)
  • 9 months (from plan submission) of support (questions, problems, etc.) via email, phone
  • Metabolic Balance App (iOS/Android): with shopping assistant, food diary, etc.

Terms of Payment

  • Paying in instalments: possible (on request)
  • BASIC/STANDARD/PREMIUM Package: invoice or cash
  • ONLINE Package: advance payment: bank transfer, credit card, PayPal

Paying in Instalments

We are happy to offer the option of paying in instalments. With your agreement, we would typically split the amount into 2-3 instalments, each payable at 30 day intervals. Please indicate on the registration form in the comments section if you would like to pay in instalments.

Returning to the programme?

Do you already have a (pre-existing) Metabolic Balance nutrition plan and would simply like support from us? We are happy to support you according to your needs: CHF 75 (1/2 hr), CHF 140 (55 min).