How to Proceed

How to Proceed

5 Simple Steps To Your Desired Weight

  1. REGISTRATION: Please register here. The registration contains questions about personal details, your general health and food preferences.
  2. BLOOD ANALYSIS: Arrange for your 'Metabolic Balance' blood analysis at a laboratory and let them mail: or fax the results to 'metabolic4you/Naturheilpraxis Gehrig': 044 500 49 03.

    Please do not eat or drink anything (except pure water) for 12 hours before your blood sample appointment!

  3. SUPPORT: Using the above data (points 1. and 2.) we create your personal Metabolic Balance nutrition plan and accompany and motivate you on your way to your desired weight.

    Make an appointment for your first consultation with us:
    BENGLEN (Fällanden): 044 577 13 22
    HERISAU: 071 352 47 56
    LUCERNE: 079 327 37 48
    ZURICH: 044 500 49 39

    ONLINE/ONLINE PLUS: Appointment not required. Here we await your payment (prepayment). As soon as everything is there you will receive your nutrition plan via email together with instructions for the next steps.

  4. IMPLEMENTATION: You eat a healthy and balanced diet in accordance with your individual nutrition plan. The plan enables the pounds to melt away faster than you expect and without leaving you hungry. At the same time, your wellbeing also improves on a daily basis.
  5. AIM: You achieve your desired weight and feel more comfortable in your own skin. While you fully enjoy your new life feeling, you will have learnt how you can keep to a well-balanced diet in future to avoid any yo-yo effect.